He was born in Debrecen on 17th November 1773. His father Jožef Csokonai was a self-taught surgeon and his mother Sara Dioszegi was the daughter of a furrier craftsman. From 1780 Mihaly was a student of the Reformed school in Debrecen. He wrote his first versesduring his education in 1785. His teacher Jožef Háló Kovács recognised his poetic talent. The following year his father died and his family lost their estate. In 1788 he began his university studies. In 1791/92 he wrote his first major poem and started corresponding with Kazinczy. His first poem was published in 1793 in the magazine Magyar Hírmondó. After that he published his first prose. In January 1794 he joined a poetic class. In April of the same year an honorary article about his work was published in a magazine. In 1795 the theatre comedy Gerson du Malheureux was performed. The main editor of the „Urania” magazine Jožef Kalman published his verses anonymously. During the death of Martinović and his conspirators he stayed in Pest. In June the second long court trial began which was started by his school. Even before the final verdict, he parted with his school friends. The court discharged him from the university and forbade other students to communicate with Csokanai. From December 1795 to July 1796 he studied law in Sarospatak. He started working on his epic poem titled Arpadias. In the spring of 1796, as a guest of Adam Horvath Palocz, he wrote the first version of the famous poem A tihanyi ekhóhoz. In 1797 in Komarn he fell in love with Juliana Vajda. In 1798 he applied for a teaching position in the faculty of agriculture in Keszthely but the faculty board refused his application. In March 1798 he wrote a farewell letter to Lilli. Her parents were forcing her to marry someone else. During his wanderings and searching for a job he wrote the comical epic poem Dorottya which speaks about a new beginning, and at the same time he worked on the grotesque comedy „the Widow Karnyo”. From April 1798 Csokonai lived in the Somogy county. Frome May 1799 to February 1800 he lectured at the Reformed School in Csurgo. In July 1800 he returned to his hometown Debrecen. There he became friend with Mihaly Fazekasz. The year after he wanted to work as a journalist in Vienna, but that plan failed. In July of the same year he visited Aggtelek and the cave there which he said was his greatest life experience. Later he met with Kazinczy who was  imprisoned. On the 11th July 1803 his birth home was destroyed in a great fire. His first poem collection was published in 1803 in Vienna titled „Anakreoni dalok”. After that he fell ill with tuberculosis and died on 28th January 1805 from the vicious disease. Mihaly Vitez Csokonai is one of the most significant lyric poets in Hungary and one of the most important people of the Hungarian enlightenment.